Our Facilities

Our field and net facilities adheres to high standards and have been chosen by the Titans and Northerns Academy and provincial structures as their preferred playing and practice facility. The facilities are comprised of the following:

  • 4 Synthetic Nets
  • 6 Grass Nets
  • 11 Middle pitches


About Villagers

Irene Villagers Cricket Club is one of the biggest cricket clubs in the Northerns Cricket Union (NCU) with 19 teams across the juniors, ladies and gentlemen cricket sections.

Our quality integrated coaching programme hosts 11 coaches, including a Club Head Coach, Club Bowling Coach, Club Batting Coach, Ladies Head Coach and Junior coaching section, we provide our members with the best club training programme and opportunities in the NCU.

These opportunities and playing cricket “The Villagers’ Way” award our cricketers with a great cricketing experience and success.



All partnerships that promote and develop cricket within our community is important to us. The most noticeable partnerships are:

Irene Country Club

NCU Academy

Titans Academy


Various schools form part of our feeder school system. Together we provide our community with a cricket and general sporting lifestyle experience that is both competitive and enjoyable.


Our Achievements in 2018 & 2019

Age Groups

Senior Cricket

Irene Villagers Cricket Club (IVCC) and all its teams are associated with the Northerns Cricket Union


Ladies Cricket

Ladies’ cricket is thriving at Villagers and fits perfectly into our family club culture. We are one of


Junior Cricket

Our junior cricket section caters for young cricketers from under-9
to under-15.


Our Committee

Chairman Pierre Coetzer
Vice-chairman Kyle Kunneke
Treasurer Byron Paschke
Club Captain Brandon Kirk (Co-Opted)
Junior Section Richard Roundtree
Secretary Ronette Herselman
Social Media and Website Stephen Nel (Co-opted)
Pipeline Management Shawn Ehlert (Co-opted)
Head Coach Byron Fraser
Ladies Head Coach and Assistant to Head Coach Douglas Yates
Bowling Coach Haydn Greener
Batting Coach Zendon Verster
Junior Head Coach Gerhard Herselman
Junior Coach Richard Roundtree
Junior Coach Stefan van Niekerk
Junior Coach Tshiamo Leboloane
Junior Coach Sibosiso Maseko
Junior Coach Justin Renoldts
Junior Coach Terrence Nel

Cricket Development

Irene Villagers Cricket Club has various programmes and alignment initiatives to develop cricket and create a good pipeline for all our players.

Strategic alignment with schools, NCU, Titans and Cricket South Africa (CSA)

The alignment of skills and facilities with our feeder schools and the Titans are an important initiative to identify and develop talented players. Villagers are one of the first clubs which were awarded with CSA approved accommodation on the premises of the club to create support structures for talented players. These alignments create opportunities for players and makes Villagers one of the key feeder clubs for the Titans provincial teams.

Ladies Cricket

Ladies’ cricket is thriving at Villagers and fits perfectly into our family club culture. We are one of the few clubs in the country that has created an environment specifically for the development of lady cricketers. This provides us with a large player base which creates opportunities at all levels, with numerous Titans and SA players. We encourage all sisters, wives and girlfriends of the gentlemen playing cricket to become part of the Villagers Ladies cricket program. The past stigma of ladies playing cricket are long gone, and today the modern lady cricketer has as much opportunities in the world of cricket as any other women’s sport. For Villagers Cricket Club, the profile of female cricket players is equal to males, and is comparable to ladies in sports like hockey, tennis and golf.

Irene Villagers Cricket Club have two (2) Ladies teams competing in the NCU Ladies premier and promotion leagues.

To further create opportunities for ladies’ cricket we create and are involved with competitive private leagues such as the North vs South Ladies Cup and the Wanderers Ladies T10 tournament.


Junior Cricket

Our junior cricket section caters for young cricketers from under-9 to under-15.

Fun is a major motivator for children to play cricket. Our coaches are urged to not only focus on the winning of matches, but to develop a love of the game through the fun and excitement of competing. Villagers value the holistic development of children, and measure success on whether children choose to continue to play cricket the next season.

This approach is used to develop junior skills and align it with Villagers’ senior structures to prepare them for the different roles within a team environment and the different playing strategies. Some of the players that excelled through Villagers’ junior structures are Aiden Markram, Hardus Viljoen and Chris Morris.


Senior Cricket

Irene Villagers Cricket Club (IVCC) and all its teams are associated with the Northerns Cricket Union (NCU).
Our senior gentlemen section consists of five (5) teams of which four (4) are in the top three (3) leagues. Our teams compete well with regular league victories.

Team selections are managed by the selection committee and is based on statistics and a fair opportunity structure. All the senior teams are open and form part of a pipeline system that feeds into the Premier league team that competes at the highest level of club cricket.

Social cricket is welcome at the IVCC. To enter a closed team an application needs to be submitted to the committee for consideration. There are many social leagues that integrates with the NCU, most notably T20 leagues that take place from January to March every year. Villagers always look at opportunities to expand the love of the game, and initiatives that will benefit the club and its community will always be taken into consideration.


Irene Country Club

The Irene Country Club has been a long-standing partner for Irene Villagers Cricket Club. Together we are truly a sporting village with a rich history, a jewel hidden in the heart of Centurion.


The Villager's Code

We as players at Irene Villagers Cricket Club commit ourselves to upholding the values of the club.

We know it is a privilege and not a rite to play on fields where many a great cricket player has trodden before.

We are competitive, but fair, on the field of play, while maintaining the traditions and spirit of cricket.

Never to bring the game into disrepute by playing outside the rules Never to undermine our parents, team, coaches or management Never to humiliate any teammate or opposing player, but rather to encourage, support and strive towards a common goal.

Always to compete to make our parents, ourselves and our teammates proud Always to be a team player and put others first while still competing to the best of our abilities.

To show character amidst adversity.

Being a Villager is not only being a cricket player It is striving to be a better person in your community, to be happy with yourself, then to work hard and see the results.

Only when one is really happy with your inner self can true success follow.

This is the Villager way

Club History

Cricket in the Village dates as far back as the early 1900’s when one of our fields, The Oval, situated in the heart of Irene suburb, was created to play cricket against the Concentration Camp inmates.

Over time The Oval was transformed into a recreational space for the purposes of developing and playing cricket, and in 1965 Irene Villagers Cricket Club was established.

In 1967 Villagers Cricket formed a partnership with Irene Country Club (ICC) to provide the surrounding families and communities with a larger choice of sport to choose from. A new home field, the ICC Oval, situated at the Irene Country Club, was built and is now rated as one of the best club field facilities available in the NCU, hosting numerous academies and international team practices and matches.

Tours and Rentals

South Africa has great weather conditions for cricket and sport in general all year round. This allows us to offer our quality facilities for cricket tours, and host Northern and Southern hemisphere pre-season training and corporate events.

Together with the Irene Country Club we not only offer quality cricket facilities, but also other sports like golf, tennis, bowls and squash for team building and management activities. We also provide access to Country Club quality catering.

We are associated with the African Pride Irene Country Lodge, which forms part of the Irene Village Complex, as well as gyms in the area for any conditioning requirements.

External trips to game parks and other scenic locations in South Africa can be arranged through the Country Club’s events department. For more information please contact the Cricket Club or the Country Club’s events department.